Crosstown Rivals

LHS beat VHS is a grueling fight that lasted through a normal football game plus 2 over time periods. Both teams fielded superb defenses racking up several sacks, interceptions, fumbles, and tackles behind the line of scrimmage against offenses not used to battling so hard for first down. These teams are cross town rivals. LHS has not won in VHS’ stadium since 1980.

So to win here against a team even the coaches tremble at the thought of playing, is spectacular. The rules in this case for overtime is that 2 halves are played. Whoever encroaches the furthest into the other’s territory wins. Before overtime LHS had 2 of many drives actually reach field goal range. VHS came closer to that range quite a few times.

After the first half of overtime it was obvious our defense which had played more of the game than our offense was extremely tired. They allowed the VHS to encroach over to their own 48 before they forces VHS to punt.

On a good return, LHS needed almost 30 yards to get even with VHS. On a 3rd and long, the running back broke through to give LHS a first down. Then a perfect pass across the middle 2 downs later almost gave LHS the lead in encroachment. Short 2 yards, a run up the middle gives LHS the lead by a yard. With only 2 minutes to go LHS executed several great plays to gain even more yardage to come within 10 yards of the VHS touchdown zone. Having won, LHS simple protected the ball with downs to run out the clock and win the game.

This is what a football game should be like. Now I wish I had gone to a university with a great football team and strong rivalries with other schools. This is something I missed while being at LHS as the football team was just developing under this coach. In the last 20 meetings, LHS has only won 3 times 1985, 1999, and now 2000. The first 2 were at LHS’ stadium.

I’d say this was one of the better weekends I have had.







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