18th Anniversary of Blogging

Here is my first blog post from 18 years ago, which makes it as old as a legal adult. Wow…

Two Footballs

I got started at a place called Diaryland. A friend, Lacey, had started using it. Back in those days, I was up for trying pretty much anything geeky friends were doing. Blogging was a natural place for me to go.

Diaryland became Pitas and the site there was the first Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric. As other platforms became available, I tried them all:

My activity is far less now than it was back in 2000, but as I understand, most people active back then primarily post on Facebook or Twitter.

My Xanga Mess

Recently a friend despaired over Xanga shutting down. I incorrectly recalled a couple years ago they had a tool for migrating content to WordPress. (I probably confused it with Vox, LiveJournal, MovableType, Friendster’s blog, or Posterous who did have such a tool which I did use to migrate my content.) So I thought I had migrated my stuff.

Instead back then I manually migrated the posts, including comments.

Now Xanga has an archives generator (XML) which is compatible with WordPress. That was much easier than post-by-post copying and pasting.

But it also means 2001 to 2004 are duplicated. And I was terribly inconsistent about titling, merging posts, comments, and private/public status.

On the plus side, reading all those old those old posts is enlightening.

    1. I write too much about work.
    2. Most of what I wrote could have been tweets as they were less than 140 characters. (Or nudged to be so.)
    3. 10-12 years changes little. Same problems.