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  • Search Engine: Quote Context

    Is there a search engine that already does this? If not, then I hope one adds it. Please make it easier to find the quote context. Someone posts a quote on Facebook. I want to see the quote in context. When I search for the quote the results are of the same quote over and […]

  • Sneaky Search Engine

    I use Google search from my Chrome omnibox quite a bit. One of my favorite searches is “define <term>”. Somehow my “define” got hijacked so that when I typed it, Chrome switched to a search of word.sc. Fortunately, I knew this probably would be Chrome’s settings for Search Engines (top right wrench or three horizontal […]

  • How Google Works

    A few basics of Search Engine Optimization came up at brunch a couple weekends ago. A few of the key points were that its not just important to have good information, but one has to have good metadata, good incoming links to raise authority, and no nefarious techniques. When I saw this, I immediate thought […]