Saying No

The point of this is not directed towards anything or anyone specific other than myself. While I do use the example of IT, it is purely a generic metaphor. Probably I have spent too much time in IT and not enough diversifying my experience. With infinite time, manpower, or money, then we could pull off… Continue reading Saying No

The Outsourced Brain

  I have relinquished control over my decisions to the universal mind. I have fused with the knowledge of the cybersphere, and entered the bliss of a higher metaphysic. The Outsourced Brain – New York Times Facetiousness aside, it does point out how others are consumed by these tools rather than consume them. Tom-Tom is… Continue reading The Outsourced Brain

links for 2007-07-07

Website Design: Choosing The Right Colors For Your Website | (tags: design webdesign) WordPress › Support » Adding an author picture (tags: wordpress) User Datagram Protocol – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: wikipedia network) Transmission Control Protocol – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (tags: wikipedia network) The Chronicle: Wired Campus Blog: Blackboard Video Mocks Second… Continue reading links for 2007-07-07

Machines Better Programmers than Humans

… Computers now create programs that solve complex problems better than programs designed by people…. Grasemann and Miikkulainen applied genetic algorithms to solve the fingerprint compression puzzle in work supported by the National Science Foundation’s Computer and Information Science and Engineering directorate. They provided their computer with the basic programming instructions needed to compress graphic… Continue reading Machines Better Programmers than Humans