American politics frustrates me. Little of it is genuine. People are being tricked into believing obvious lies. Positions are veiled in marketing speak to make them sound better than the reality. Maybe there is an honest candidate? I just don’t have faith in the integrity in the American political system. In any case, I have already voted. I recommend that if you can, then get it done ASAP and prior to the actual election day.

Apparently, there are lots of car accidents on Election Day? I’ll hopefully be teleworking that day.

I turned down an offer to work a website called Real World Painting. The kid doing the web site let it get suspended (back up now). So the owner wanted my advice. He really needs the most help with search engine optimization. He’s interested in reading up on it. Does anyone have suggestions?

A friend has turned up with lymphoma. So I will probably set up a website to accept donations to help this family with the expenses.

Been talking with Mom about the economy. I did a quick calculation. Add $700 billion to the $10.3 trillion national debt to get $11 trillion. The employed U.S. workforce is about 145,255,000. That puts the burden of this debt at $75,728.89 per worker. Add in those on unemployment or not in the labor force to get 234 million people. We share a $46,936.33 burden. Last I did this calculation it was only around $30 thousand.

That is enough for now.

National Debt

Saw a graph showing the United States national debt color coded by presidential party. The intent is to illustrate how Republican presidents are the big spenders.

Unfortunately, all too many Americans believe presidential candidates when they claim they will do some action or another. The farce is the President of the United States sends a wishlist of priorities to Congress (the State of the Union). It is Congress which sets the actual budget by passing appropriation bills. Congress has no obligation to include anything the President asks to be in the bill. The President can only veto each bill which usually contain budgets for hundreds of departments.

In my opinion, the chart ought to show who holds the majority of the houses of Congress (red for Republican, blue for Democrats, purple for one of each).