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  • 50 Experiences of Racially Mixed people

    I found 50 Experiences of Racially Mixed people (PDF) interesting. That Americans consider race to be a singular identity makes sense. Claiming to be biracial or multiracial makes no sense in that paradigm. The experiences listed were very familiar. Number 28, “You have been mistaken for another person of mixed heritage who does not resemble you,” brought […]

  • Bill of Rights for People of Mixed Heritage

    This rings very true. by Maria P. P. Root, PhD I HAVE THE RIGHT… Not to justify my existence in this world. Not to keep the races separate within me. Not to justify my ethnic legitimacy. Not to be responsible for people’s discomfort with my physical or ethnic ambiguity. I HAVE THE RIGHT… To identify myself […]

  • Reverse Passing

    Passing is a term for a person with both black and white ancestors who encourages others to think he or she is white. I recall a blonde woman talking about her father having told people he was Greek in order to pass. Has anyone really seen members of the black community excluding people who admit […]

  • How Do I Get to Be Black Like Obama?

    Barack Obama is called a lot of things. Being a candidate for President of the United States means a lot of people apply a lot of different labels, good or bad or indifferent, to categorize you and anticipate your every move. I find it interesting people use the labels “African American” or “Black” to describe […]

  • Melungeon

    Mom dropped me a note last night. She ran across the word melungeon while doing some genealogy research. It describes someone who is of European, African, and Native American descent. It was popular in the Appalachian Mountains and similar in use to Mulatto in being a negative term. I haven’t talked about this much on […]