18th Anniversary of Blogging

Here is my first blog post from 18 years ago, which makes it as old as a legal adult. Wow… Two Footballs I got started at a place called Diaryland. A friend, Lacey, had started using it. Back in those days, I was up for trying pretty much anything geeky friends were doing. Blogging was… Continue reading 18th Anniversary of Blogging

On Oil

A while ago, George wrote about the new fees for flying. Lacey pointed out how the price of oil affects the cost of running an airline. Thoughts about these have been lurking in my head ever since. Today I have watched a couple times a speech given by Congressman Roscoe Bartlett on how oil production… Continue reading On Oil

RRRv302 REPOST: Did A Stupid Thing

Originally posted January 15, 2004. v4 means its the fourth incarnation of this blog. This post was in v3. Thankfully, MovableType writes the content to files meaning there is a lasting archive. That reminds me… Need to put on the calendar to do regular backups of this blog. Back to the post: Did A Stupid… Continue reading RRRv302 REPOST: Did A Stupid Thing

Obscurity Obsolescence

Along the same lines as Lacey’s Travel and Usability post, libraries are not really designed to be very usable. Well… unless you think like a librarian. Who gets a MLIS degree in order to use a library. Okay… I would… bad example. The below article’s Digital Natives are kids who have played video games all… Continue reading Obscurity Obsolescence


Lacey’s story about her first brush with racism in Houston reminds me that they were well intentioned. I am not very hard on such people because my so very white grandmother has made similar comments. Hers was that the neighborhood was suffering from all the crime, the specific example was that my bike was stolen… Continue reading Racism


Kewl layout at the technorigami pita. Formatting the hard drive, creating partitions, and installing Windows 2k!!! Woohoo! If you actually understood that let me know by leaving a comment. Kewl… up and running on the new machine. Happy now. Time to go home. Lacey has moved cities and now sites. She can’t keep anything too static otherwise… Continue reading Untitled