Tag: JMS

  • Big Bad Blip

    I was at lunch last week when I saw pages about a failed monitoring checks on one of our sites. My coworkers were working on CE/Vista SP6 upgrades. Though it was one upgraded yesterday. When I returned to the office, I asked about it. Exactly 24 hours to the second after checking the license in […]

  • webctbackup

    John made a good point… While telling Blackboard about this is pointless, the community at large ought to be aware of another undocumented workspace issue. I found an 8GB .bak in the /u01/app/nodeA/weblogic81/webctbackup on the active JMS node. Taking out user accessible nodes is okay in my book as with 18-20 of them in our […]

  • BbWorld Presentation Redux Part I – Automation

    Much of what I might write in these posts about Vista is knowledge accumulated from the efforts of my coworkers. I’ve decided to do a series of blog posts on our presentation at BbWorld ’07, on the behalf of the Georgia VIEW project, Maintaining Large Vista Installations (2MB PPT). I wrote the bit about tracking […]

  • Balancing the Underreaction and Overreaction

    Last night was supposed to be easy. Shut down the Vista application, wait for a call after some work, and bring up the app. It was easy… at first. I got the app back online and continued poking after letting others know it was back in service. Satisfied all was well, I went to bed […]