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We acquired Blackboard Mobile Learn Powerlink version 1.1.9 to solve a problem. Something was done on the Blackboard side before our institution administrators could successfully get to the registration page. This version fixed that issue by doing a registration behind the scenes. Naturally the information it has is wrong, but at least now the institution administrators can change it to the correct information.

Looking to gather logs on an issue, I stumbled across a new-to-me log: vistaMobile.log.

There was a call to a strange URL:

What shocked me most was this was an institution where Mobile was not ready for use. By going to the URL, I figured out it was the advertisement image on the course list after Mobile Learn is set up. (I would have the image show up on the blog, but they seem to prevent it from working on my blog. Direct access works. For now? :))

Every user logging into our system by a non-mobile web browser unwittingly connects to Blackboard Mobile Learn servers to download this image. This Powerlink sets this channel on by default. It is a wealth of information on users we were not informed Blackboard would acquire. So we will likely turn off this channel and stress pushing the advocacy for Mobile by other means.

If a user were to click the link on the advertisement, then they would get this URL:

This has not one or two but THREE marketing campaign products tracking the users. Not intrinsically a bad thing, but it makes me nervous to unknowingly contribute to a marketing campaign operating through my system.

Import Errors

A couple issues I encountered yesterday loading XML files on Blackboard Vista 8.

siapi output says:

error invoking method in adapter, message is: cvc-complex-type.2.3: Element ‘extension’ cannot have character [children], because the type’s content type is element-only.

Means the wrong type between luminis and ims was used. I created a file which sets the import type based on the name of the file. For the luminis type, the persons records are in persons1.xml. For the ims type, the persons records are in ims_users1.xml.

webct.log says:

Message is : Authorization denied

User trying to import the file must be an institution administrator. I probably created the import user but did not enroll it as an admin. What I get for moving too fast.

The following were added 26-MAY-2010…
webct.log says:

error invoking method in adapter, message is: Deployable component is not enabled

This one is actually accurate. The Luminis Message Broker settings need to be changed so Enabled equals true. Probably the other settings are also back to defaults. This happens after most Service Pack upgrades.

webct.log says:

The learning context represented by the lc_id and lc_source parameters is not within or equal to the learning context represented by the glcid parameter. This may cause problems if the learning contexts in the XML do not specify a parent or cannot be imported directly under the instituion

The XML file only contained 1 person and 1 member record. So this must be about the sourcedid.source and of that file. The student was enrolled in the section, so I guess maybe the error can be ignored?