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  • Exclusion Groups

    This is America! Equality! Liberty! Democracy! Arizona has a bill S.B. 1108 to legislate the forbidding of student groups who are against the principles of America. Specifically democracy, capitalism, pluralism, and religious tolerance must be upheld by all. A founding principle of the United States was dissent. Disagreeing with King George III, British Parliament, and…

  • FBI Investigates Legal Activity Also

    One of the reasons my photos sets are more full of flowers than buildings is people don’t call the FBI over pictures of flowers. While it is perfectly legal to take pictures of buildings from public spaces, it makes “victims” nervous. No one cares about flowers. I can take all the pictures I want without…

  • links for 2007-11-28

    On failure. (tags: research science) Hey, Young Americans, Here’s a Text for You (tags: democracy) Personal Learning Environments – the future of eLearning? (tags: education learning online_learning)

  • Why not cut the regular courses instead?

    Don’t get rid of honors courses, abolish ‘regular’ classes | ajc.com: By Jay Mathews Washington Post Writers Group Published on: 07/23/07 Washington —- The honors course was once a vital part of American high schools, respected by all. That is changing fast, and many students and their parents are upset about it.

  • I Have A Dream by Martin Luther King, Jr

    Boondocks did an episode on Martin Luther King, Jr. It inspired me to Google MLK. Much of this is a poignant reminder of how far and not far enough the both America and the world have come. We are not living the dream. Yet… I Have A Dream Delivered on the steps at the Lincoln…