DDoS of Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, LiveJournal and other sites all admitted to suffering from a DDoS attack. It seem to me the purpose of a Denial-of-Service attack (DoS) against a web site is to flood it with so much traffic the site becomes unusable. The DDoS is where multiple other computers are coordinated into launching the attack.

All three of the above mentioned sites have had recent issues keeping up with growing usage. The USA inauguration and Iran demonstrations peaked traffic so much the sites seemed like they suffered from a DoS. Already at the edge, an attack tipped the barely making it social media sites over it. Some users abandon them for less popular (so more stable sites). Those who stick around suffer from learned helplessness.

Causing all this hullabaloo over a single user seems odd to me. I don’t speak Russian, so I don’t know if this guy from Georgia (the country) deserved it. Also, it is almost the one year anniversary since Russia invaded Georgia. During the invasion, DDoS attacks disabled Georgian web sites. So, maybe this is to show Georgia the Russians are still capable of causing problems? This is why security evangelists want us to be able to deal with threats.

Various computer viruses over the years have turned millions of computers into zombies for botnets. So… If you are upset about your favorite social media site getting taken down, then maybe you should act on ensuring your computer and others in your social network were not enlisted into a botnet?

System is Down

VSU email and web are down. I’ve been out of the office so I can only surmise that this is related to the Denial of Service attack on Wednesday evening. Very strange that there was a test attack around 3pm and then consistent bombardment starting at almost exactly 5:30 pm. Like the person knew that most of the staff leave then.

Was out cause I was sick. Extreme congestion, almost violent coughing, and agonizing headaches. Thankfully, I got meds Thursday and saw a doc.

It does concern me that docs so liberally dole out antibiotics. Don’t think that superbacteria are very far away now.

I had hoped to get a list of my movies off my VSU home page, but that is in limbo right now. Thought I saw Ike’s car. Maybe he could let me into the office?

Sorry about the picture not loading on the left. That is due to the email and web problem at VSU. That is also why my home page is down. Perhaps I should migrate all of this stuff to helios (my Solaris box)? An independent web server where I have control of the outages?

How about 3D Pong?

Really great FAQ on Arab Americans.

Something about the layout of PixelPile is pretty kewl…

My pirate name is: Bloody Sam Vane

Think I have added enough for 4 days now… will archive tomorrow. Now must grub before Simpons and Malcom come on the tube.