Comment Spam Resumes

Have spammers figured out how to pick reCAPTCHA‘s lock? All of a sudden I am getting hundreds of comment spam blocked by Akismet. When I added reCAPTCHA, it dropped to a few a month. Now 409 in a week.

Guess this is why layers of security are good.

UPDATE: Scanned through for false positives. The first word of many of them were Xanth characters: Bink, Chameleon, Dolph, Iris, Smash, Goldy, Grundy, Cherie, Chester, Roogna, Imbri.

Comment Spam Protected

Sorry… A comment spammer found my blog today. WordPress did an okay job to moderate the ~150 it tried to post. Rather than see the emails from the spammer attempting to post, I decided that since I don’t get many comments anyway, to just require one to login to post a comment.

So, if you are interested in comment, then email me (you know where).

UPDATE: It doesn’t seem turning off comments did any good. The spammers must be hitting a vulnerability in WordPress.