Open Letter Re: Behind the Blackboard

Hi Blackboard Support,

Today, without warning, you changed Behind the Blackboard. Clients dislike surprises. We like knowing how things work. Give us access to the new thing before we have to deal with it. That way we become familiar with it.

Even if you do not give advance viewing of the service, then advance warning the change would happen today so I can plan around it happening. I had a phone call with one of your employees yesterday. That would have been a good time to tell me. It is a web site, so you could put on your web site to expect the change.

The main problem isĀ I cannot login to this site. My current user id and client id are not accepted. The math problem to foil bot does not accept the correct answers. Others found the password provided did not work. This roll out seems less than ready for production use. I emailed the address on the support page for help.



UPDATE 2011-06-10: Apparently there was an email sent on May 27th, about 12 days before change. It looks like many customers just like me did not see the email. Also, this is about the time a coworker’s email address changed to foo@blackboard. In the lists discussing this mess, another client got

I guess the old system is not available because apparently we have to tell Blackboard the people who to add to our client id? (Nevermind that because we are a system there are about 40 client ids.)

UPDATE 2011-06-14: I got into the site. Now my default list of tickets belongs to the first client id in the set of our consortium. Since the merger of the WebCT and Blackboard support almost five years ago, I have been working tickets in the client id for the system office. Maybe one day this will work?