Undercounting Stats

Michael Feldstein posted on Twitter: Seeing signs that Google Analytics significantly undercounts. Any recommendation for easy, reliable db-based WordPress analytics? I knew Google Analytics relies on JavaScript to measure what users are doing. Bots typically do not execute JS, so go undercounted. That is OK, probably even great depending on how much they annoy me.… Continue reading Undercounting Stats

Weekly Roundup for Mar 2, 2012

Scholars Seek Better Ways to Track Impact Online Mind your language: How linguistic software helps companies catch crooks – The newish trend of analytics in education is from increasing government scrutiny. One might start looking for signs students will attempt to cheat? As it is, the lack of looking for them boasting about cheating is a major… Continue reading Weekly Roundup for Mar 2, 2012

Some Stats

According to Google Analytics, between Jan 1 to Dec 31, 2011 this blog saw: 146,718 Unique Visitors 208,520 Pageview 174,104 for Quotes to Make You Think Sources: 138,144 Google 20,055 No referrer (application like desktop email? Twitter?) 8,445 Bing … 843 Facebook … 68 Twitter These could be somewhat under reported depending on the rates by… Continue reading Some Stats