On Patents

News of the USPTO reexamination results of the Blackboard ‘0138 patent hit Slashdot yesterday. Naturally, both Desire2Learn and Blackboard are cautiously claiming victory. Certainly, as this is a draft and not the final decision, the next 60 days could result in significant changes to this preliminary decision. We will just have to wait and see.… Continue reading On Patents

National Debt

Saw a graph showing the United States national debt color coded by presidential party. The intent is to illustrate how Republican presidents are the big spenders. Unfortunately, all too many Americans believe presidential candidates when they claim they will do some action or another. The farce is the President of the United States sends a… Continue reading National Debt


Does everything need to be acknowledged? Or can we just make some assumptions that you saw it, if applies, then you respond, I am thankful for taking up your time. I think this would save time.

QotD: But Everyone Likes Me!

Why do you think it is some people don't get along with you? I am a contradiction. I will often contradict myself just 'cause. Part of it is to defy categorization and prevent others from really understanding me. Read and post comments | Send to a friend

Wrong Number

A ticket our Blackboard technical support manager marked as really urgent was picked up by another technical support person who left a note about calling me. Except, the familiar phone number called wasn’t my office number or even my cell number. Nope, it is the office number at my previous job. Yup. I have not… Continue reading Wrong Number


Mantis, originally uploaded by Lawraa. Lawraa got something fantastic with this one… Read and post comments | Send to a friend


As you may or may not know, I am a book snob. I read challenging stuff for fun. It is one way I decompress my brain. What kind of snob are you? Read and post comments | Send to a friend

Fall in Love With Cyberbullying

Kentucky’s Bill HB775 would require those operating web sites or blogs or message boards in the state to enforce a policy to collect legal names, postal addresses, and email addresses to use the service. The legal name would, of course, be posted on the web site. Should the poster cross someone else, then the operators… Continue reading Fall in Love With Cyberbullying