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US Beat Portugal!

The U.S. beat 5th ranked Portugal 3-2 in the World Cup. Next they play South Korea and later Poland. U.S. wins first Cup game in 8 years


Just put down dough on components for a new computer system. Athlon 1600+ XP, 256MB PC2100, 40GB HDD, and a GeForce3 Ti 500 64MB. I’ve been slack and running a cheezy 233 (overclocked from 166) MHz, 64MB EDRAM, 4GB HDD, with 1 MB onboard video. Not suitable for LAN parties.




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5 responses to “US Beat Portugal!”

  1. Marzy Avatar

    Gotta have a machine suitable for LAN parties!!!! 😀

  2. Ezra S F Avatar

    Have been dragging my feet for too long.

  3. sada Avatar

    I have 533 mhz.. is that good? 😀

  4. anth0nyc Avatar

    you are now a super nerd!!! congrats on the awesome rig!

  5. OEnone Avatar

    *giving you a quirky look* wow, you must not have any movies you want right now then eh? Decided to work on the home computer, you must really be annoyed at it…

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