Month: July 2018

  • Tech is the new tobacco

    My father as a teenager told me stories about the horrors of picking tobacco to encourage me to do well in school because manual labor sucks. The Truth Campaign started when I was young. But, technology companies appear to have learned only part of the lessons of Big Tobacco. This is AT&T mimicking Phillip Morris […]

  • Missing persons and Facebook

    Do me a favor and click through to the Facebook post for a missing person and check to see if they are in fact still missing. I am a fan of getting out the word to find someone who is missing. But, I also check before sharing it myself because why ask people to be […]

  • Georgia Campus Carry Year One

    AJC TL;DR: 27 violations; no shootings. Basically, the AJC says that some students seem to have some issues understanding this pretty complicated law and run into situations where they are in violation. They are unaware that concealed means it needs to be out of sight. (Some supporters really want Open Carry.) Some people are negligent, […]

  • RIP Home Box Office

    Mr. Stankey described a future in which HBO would substantially increase its subscriber base and the number of hours that viewers spend watching its shows. To pull it off, the network will have to come up with more content, transforming itself from a boutique operation, with a focus on its signature Sunday night lineup, into […]