Star Trek Experience Re-opening in May

Star Trek Experience Re-opening in May, originally uploaded by Ezra F. Read and post comments | Send to a friend

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Better CE/Vista Web Server Log

Some support tickets are more easily solved by knowing both user behavior and environment. An often helpful piece of information is what web browser they used. To add this, shut down the cluster, edit /VISTA_HOME/config/config.xml to include the cs(User-Agent), and start the cluster. This line will need to appear for every node. At startup, the… Continue reading Better CE/Vista Web Server Log

Rippled Like the Beach

Rippled Like the Beach The clouds and sky are among the things I photograph most. I love the way they look. Yet, identification (which cloud fits which categorization) eludes me. That’s okay… I’m not good at identification for anything I like animals, plants, gadgets, people (except maybe movies).

Recovering Pictures

William borrowed my camera to go on his honeymoon. He also lost the photos with a poorly timed crash & drive reformat. So he wants to borrow the card and recover the data. Thankfully I have not used the camera since he returned it despite thinking I should. Luckily I ran across A Computer Repair… Continue reading Recovering Pictures

Information Should Be Free

Mark Guzdial makes the point teachers add value to the learning process. Normally, I would agree. However, I got hung up on a misquote from a Walter Isaacson article How to Save Your Newspaper in TIME offering micropayments as the solution to newspapers finding a working model to survive since advertisements are not the right one. Mark said it… Continue reading Information Should Be Free