Author: from-posterous

  • Posterous Acquisition

    So many of my favorite sites languished then died because another company bought them. The Posterous acquistion by Twitter therefore is not good news. I would not place Posterous as my favorite blog platform. Given in a couple years it will be dead, I guess it never will be.

  • Tearing the Fabric of the Cosmos

    Scientists plan an ultrapowerful laser to tear apart the fabric of spacetime to see what is inside. Everyone knows when you cause a rip in the spacetime continuum, bad things happen from Star Trek. Know science wants to destroy the universe. Freakin’ laser beams! Actually one of the most awesome lasers coming from of science […]

  • For 9/11

    This seemed appropropriate to re-post today, the tenth anniversary of the event which inspired its need. The problems we are to overcome seem more prevalent and prominent today. This statement was issued by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of the United States in December 2001 as a response to the terror attacks of […]

  • Unaccomplished

    So much to accomplish on my “days off”. Finished grocery shopping and posting meeting notes for one group. Have to figure out the agenda for another meeting later today. Feel like I need a vacation…