Month: May 2018

  • Why does Microsoft hate Edge?

    I have the default browser set to Chrome in the Windows OS. So, when I click a link in Outlook, it opens in Chrome. So, any time an application opens Internet Explorer, it is obviously something weird. Okay, confession time, it makes me wonder if I am computer illiterate every time IE opens. Since Edge […]

  • Why Trump should counter Russian meddling in 2018 elections

    A common complaint the PotUS has is that Democrats should agree with him. He rails on Twitter about this lack of support. The Russian meddling in the 2016 elections was designed to target certain groups of people to discourage them from voting. We were already divided. The meddling exacerbated it. So, Democrats would hate Trump even […]

  • ISP Maybe Not Neutral

    It looks like maybe my ISP is forging their Ookla speed test results. Whenever I use that speed test, I get the speed I paid for, but performance otherwise still seems slow. Whenever I use other speed tests, I get results that are a quarter to a twentieth as fast. The tests were not concurrently […]

  • How many records are there?

    On the surface, it may seem like an easy question. Data Owners typically think this has an easy answer. If their data followed a very simplistic model, then it would have an easy answer. Just “select count(*) from table;” and report the value. Unfortunately for Data Custodians, the data is often organized in relational data […]

  • Likelihood to read a tweetstorm

    I’ve noticed something weird about my reading habits. I think only read maybe 1 on 25 tweetstorms authored by someone I follow. I will read about 1 in 5 retweeted by someone I follow. Tweets appear with most recent at the top and oldest at the bottom. So, when I encounter a tweetstorm in my […]