Month: January 2018

  • URI in a Database

    This vendor’s application has been a headache for me for over a year now. We are getting close to upgrading, but there are some issues. One is why data in the new version is missing. I finally got the vendor to give me a query in the new version which was enough for me to figure […]

  • On This Day & Friendship

    When I look through Facebook’s On This Day feature, sometimes I am startled to see that someone I expected to like a specific post did not. This reminded me that what I post often is targeted. There are a handful of people who I know follow my posts and will appreciate them. Friends are people […]

  • Closing

    Businesses close. Maybe it is after a few months. Maybe it is after a century. Probably it is somewhere in between. I get amused when people who have not been to one that is closing in years get shocked when it closes. If you personally have not bothered to patronize the business, then that is […]

  • Collected Quotes 2018-JAN-15

    A gaffe is when a politician tells the truth – some obvious truth he isn’t supposed to say. —  Michael Kinsley I often wonder what I’d do if there weren’t any books in the world. —   James Baldwin, Giovanni’s Room The books that the world calls immoral are books that show the world its own shame. […]

  • Outlook Data File Corruption

    Outlook became unusable. I tried switching to the webmail, but my workflow is such that I essentially stopped checking email for last week. Meeting invites went unseen. Notifications missed my attention. Every strategy I tried to ensure that I saw the email and calendar were ineffective. So, I kind of need the application to work. […]