I often use a term “borked” to mean to fail in a spectacular fashion. (The official definition is: obstruct (someone, especially a candidate for public office) through systematic defamation or vilification.) The “fake” news about President Trump wanting to end Mueller’s investigation in the Russia connection reminds me of origin of this word. President Nixon… Continue reading Borked


In the southern US, one can tell it is winter based on people wearing sweaters or scarves outside office buildings. It is summer based on people wearing sweaters or scarves inside office buildings.

WP Maintenance Nightmare

Discovered this blog was showing: Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute. Any time it upgrades, this gets thrown up during the process. However, it goes away once the process is completed. It showing is not an error so much as a notification and should as it says go away in a… Continue reading WP Maintenance Nightmare

Facebook Feature Request: Privacy and Tags

This is essentially the issue of the Friends of Friends post. In this case, I am not really interested in expanding the audience. Say I publish a friends only post. Victor, my friend, makes a comment tagging Roberta, not my friend, and asks a question directed at her. She is not notified about the tag.… Continue reading Facebook Feature Request: Privacy and Tags

Unpopular Opinion

These posts seem intended to either… Get people to comment about how other readers have the exact same opinion. or Get people to flail at arguments against it, which makes the poster so defensive the backfire effect solidifies the opinion into no chance of ever being changed. Ever.

Resolution Progress 2017: First Half

(Original ; First Quarter ; Half ; Three-Quarters ; Final) For the first half, I should have progressed about 50%. So, let’s see where I am. Read 52 books. First half goal: 26 books. I have actually finished 28. Hit 20,000 pages. First quarter goal: 10,000 pages. I have actually finished 8,867. Read politically. Total 10. First half goal:… Continue reading Resolution Progress 2017: First Half