Month: May 2017

  • Troll Facebook Button

    Sometimes I want to leave a comment but not actually enter the Facebook conversation. For that, I want a “Facebook Troll” comment browser extension. The idea is that it could allow me to post the comment and automatically turn off notifications for that post. Pretty sure replies would still notify me. Ironically enough, the same […]

  • Pocket Feature Request: Pin

    I tend to collect things to read later. Pocket is where they aggregate. (I do use Facebook’s Save Post feature, but only when on my phone to send to Pocket once I am at a browser.) A feature that would help me is to pin important ones to the top. Ideally, anything I have partially […]

  • Books and FCB

    I sent my Recommendations post as a response to something on Facebook. In the aftermath, it made me realize some things. The false consensus effect which is why we are tempted to think others agree with us about political stances is what also causes us to expect others we like like the same books, TV shows, etc. The post […]