Resolution Progress 2016: End

OK, the year is completely done, so here is where I am with each resolution. Read 75 books. Done. Hit 25,000 pages. Final count is 25,361. Done. Finish series already started. (25 of the 75 books.) Earthsea Cycle Read books #4-5. Apparently there were 6 books? Done with all 6. Ender’s Shadow Read book 5. Done. The Expanse Read book #2-6, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 2.5, 3.5. Done. The… Continue reading Resolution Progress 2016: End

Peril of Good Intentions

I ran across a friend’s Facebook post about parenting and related a description of a college psychology professor’s eugenics lecture. The reply was that eliminating the genes of less intelligent people seems like it could help improve society. This seeming promise is why it has been tried many times. Before the Holocaust shifted to genocide, it… Continue reading Peril of Good Intentions


Until recently I mostly eschewed podcasts. I only listen to the local NPR radio station as part of my morning alarm or driving somewhere.[1] Podcasts were often how I listened to the whole episode for something that was interesting. I did not really subscribe so much as list them and occasionally check for something. A… Continue reading Podcasts

Stealing the T

The Georgia Institute of Technology has a tradition of stealing the letter T. I first ran across this in a local news media story where the letter T was stolen from signage. The main tradition is stealing the T from Tech Tower which has “TECH” on each of the four sides. (They return it during… Continue reading Stealing the T

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“Job Title”

No one knows what is a Technology Strategist. So, a while back, I changed my title on LinkedIn to Systems Architect and Engineer. The side advantage to this is I can tell the source of where people have gotten my information. If they were looking at my Curriculum Vitae, then they would see Technology Strategist. If… Continue reading “Job Title”