TED Talk: Byron to Batman

This talk resonated very deeply in part because so much of the media I consume. Of the Marvel and DC heroes, Batman and Ironman, two billionaires who are brilliant, resourceful, and psychologically broken are my idols. I love Sherlock Holmes and Frank Underwood for their insights into the frailty of human goodness. Maybe I should reconsider.

Review: Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall
Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Found the writing pretty dry. Plenty of characters who go by their name, nickname, or title. So it was easy to lose track of what is happening when reading in little spurts, which probably set me back about 25% my normal pace just from backtracking to figure out what is happening.

About halfway in, I realized an ancestor executed at the Tower of London was around in this period. It was only in the last pages that I remembered he married into the Howard family, which made him an ally of Thomas Boleyn, Anne’s father. Looking at the data, I think Anne Boleyn is like my 1st cousin 15x removed. So the whole Henry VIII drama became more family lore than it ever has priod.

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Scary Password Policy

Doing a training thing for work next week. The training coordinator sent an email to 25 of us about how to access the learning portal. The username is email and password is a single word with an exclamation point. My first instinct was get in ASAP and change the password since so many other people have access to my password.


There is no link. I click and click and clink. I cannot find it.

Finally, I look at the source code and notice features in it that reveal this portal is running on WordPress. So, I added “wp-admin/profile.php” to the URL and get a 404. I added it to the domain and bingo, I was at my own profile. So, I used the WordPress password feature to generate a strong password and change it.

I wonder how many people have taken training from these people and bothered to change the password?

Hangouts New Message Annoyance

In Gmail, the Google Hangouts icon showed I had a new message. If there is an indicator of something new, then I must clear it. Not an obsession or a compulsion, but it makes me uncomfortable to have unread things laying around.

The conversation list only showed old items. There were a couple near the top which looked bold, so I clicked on them. Neither cleared the green “1” indicating I had a new message.

So… I clicked on ALL the conversations.

Now the icon says I have SIX new messages.

Resolution Progress 2016: First Quarter


  1. Read 75 books. I should be at 18.75 read by this point. So, 18 is pretty good.
    1. Hit 25,000 pages. I should be at 6,250 pages read, so my 6,270 is on pace.
    2. Finish series already started. I finished the Millennium series (one book) and make progress on both the Robot and Expanse series (4 + 3 books). Just 16 to go.
  2. Lifting.
    1. Bench 240 pounds (1RM equivalent). Hitting about 180.83 according to the app’s numbers. Doing a real 1 rep max in January, I hit 165. After this, I lowered the weight and am building back up, so at this point lower than the 192 calculated I was prior.
    2. Squat 300 pounds (1RM eq). Hitting about 250.83 according to the app. Doing a 1 rep max in January, I hit 245. Same as bench, I’ve caught back up to where I was at start of the year.
    3. Deadlift 335 pounds (1RM eq). Hitting about 294 according to the app. Doing a 1 rep max in January, I hit 325. Same as bench, I’ve caught back up to where I was at start of the year.
  3. Drop to 20% body fat. No progress.
  4. Do the White and Orange trails in under an hour. I did manage to bring this down to one hour 4 minutes 8 seconds. Since the weather is warmer, I will give it a few more goes to see if I can manage it. The challenge is this is a hilly area and not to lose too much pace going up. I tried running up and that was not working very well, so will do more letting gravity do its thing.
  5. Attend 12 social events when invited. I skipped one and will attend one. So par? I’m even planning to host one which ought to count for like 5.