Solution to Black-On-Black Crime

(This post on black-on-black crime is satire. Thought I would point that out before someone gets too upset over it.) A Georgia state lawmakers showed concern about the amount of black-on-black crime. He is obviously referencing the FBI homicide statistics for perpetrator race. Fortunately the actual number is lower than the 98% he claimed. But he’s not… Continue reading Solution to Black-On-Black Crime

Whining Apparently Works

Amazon heavily pushed their Kindle Unlimited product the past couple months. Basically, it is a Netflix for books kind of service where you can read whatever you want for $10 a month. With over a million titles, there should be plenty of titles I’d read. I was whining about the frequency of the same ad… Continue reading Whining Apparently Works

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Resolutions 2016

I try to set achievable, measurable resolutions. Read 75 books. In 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014, I set the goal for 52 even though I kept reading far more. Hit 25,000 pages. Last year dropped below 20K, so I really need to get the average back up to something respectable. Finish series already started. 24 of the 75… Continue reading Resolutions 2016