Cats Present Dead Animals

Lots of people claim the reason cats present dead animals to their humans is because they are trying to teach the human to hunt. (Mental Floss, IFLScience, LiveScience) At one point I probably agreed with this. This conclusion rests on cats treating their human as a kitten. I wonder if there is something else at… Continue reading Cats Present Dead Animals

TED Talk: Don’t like clickbait? Don’t click

Fake clickbait like The Onion is good. ALWAYS click on The Onion. I don’t care if you dislike their fake news stories. I enjoy them. 🙂 The algorithms choose which stories we see. If you dislike what you see, then you need to change what you click. My Facebook feed? It is chock full of science,… Continue reading TED Talk: Don’t like clickbait? Don’t click

Back To The Future II

Marty and Jennifer have arrived from 1985. Where’s my flying car and hoverboard? (The joke here is today is the only day Today is the Day Marty McFly Went to the Future actually shows what was in the movie. And, nothing predicted in that future came to pass.)

Last Chance!

The overuse of “This is your last chance” annoys me. Last means there are no other chances beyond it. If I do not act now, then I have to accept the penalty for the rest of eternity that I could have taken the offer but failed to do so. However, when someone is trying to… Continue reading Last Chance!

Paleo Sleep

Several people I know talk about having sleep issues. One of the highly cited things of late is that the blue light from our electronic devices messes with our brains to reset the Circadian rhythm making us fall asleep later. Even I use f.lux to change the light of my computer to a warmer tone just… Continue reading Paleo Sleep

Goodreads Leaderboard

The Goodreads Reading Challenge needs a leaderboard. For example, Fitbit displays your rank amongst your friends based on how many steps each has taken that week. This encourages competitiveness amongst friends to take more steps. (Or cheat with Unfitbits style hacks.) Knowing that I am a thousand steps behind a friend is motivation to find ways to… Continue reading Goodreads Leaderboard

TED Talk: The magic of Fibonacci numbers

I first encountered the Fibonacci number series around 10 or 11 taking a class at the university offered to kids to make them excited about learning. In addition to math, I took rocket building, speed reading, and others. About this time I hated school, but I really enjoyed these because those teaching it always approached the… Continue reading TED Talk: The magic of Fibonacci numbers

Sunk Cost Fallacy

In economics, a sunk cost is any past cost that has already been paid and cannot be recovered. For example, a business may have invested a million dollars into new hardware. This money is now gone and cannot be recovered, so it shouldn’t figure into the business’s decision making process. … from How the Sunk Cost… Continue reading Sunk Cost Fallacy

Resolution Progress 2015: Third Quarter

OK, the year is about three quarters done, so here is where I am with each resolution. Read 52 books. Three-quarters of 52 is 39. I am close to done at 49. My Goodreads user challenge. With 5 in progress now, and 3 more than half read, this should be complete soon. Read at least 50% by female authors. Of the… Continue reading Resolution Progress 2015: Third Quarter