Resolution Progress 2015: First Quarter

I figured I would get back to doing quarterly reviews of progress on the resolutions for the year. Read 52 books. A quarter of 52 is 13 (the same as a suit in a deck of card). I am a few books ahead at 16. My Goodreads user challenge. Read at least 50% by female authors. So… Continue reading Resolution Progress 2015: First Quarter

TED Talk: The Internet’s Immune System

I really enjoyed this TED Talk on hacktivists the first couple times I watched it a year ago and a few months ago. Not sure why I have not yet posted it. The beauty of hackers, says cybersecurity expert Keren Elazari, is that they force us to evolve and improve. Yes, some hackers are bad… Continue reading TED Talk: The Internet’s Immune System

Review: Insurgent

Insurgent by Veronica Roth My rating: 3 of 5 stars While I read Divergent for the Not Your Oprah’s Book Club, I had no intention of finishing the series. That stance changed when I decided I should watch the movie for Insurgent since my trainer talked about getting an extra part in it. Maybe his… Continue reading Review: Insurgent