Collected Quotes July/August 2012

My main page on quotes is Quotes to Make You Think. Additional ones can be found under the Quotes tag. I read like a wolf eats. I read myself to sleep every night. — Gary Paulsen There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship. — Saint Thomas Aquinas If you surrender completely to the moments… Continue reading Collected Quotes July/August 2012

The Long Problem

We encountered a vexing issue where sections did not appear for the class list for students. We confirmed the students were properly enrolled. We confirmed the current date was between the dates for learning contexts and terms. We confirmed the access was granted to the students. Still, the sections were not showing, but the usual… Continue reading The Long Problem


In the beginning I used TOTAL=`ls /d2lmig/*/*/bak/*/* | wc -l` to get a total count. All was good. Until at around 55,000 files I got: -bash: /bin/ls: Argument list too long. Then I used TOTAL=`find /d2lmig/*/*/bak/*/* -name *.bak | wc -l` to get a total count. All was good. Until at around 90,000 files I got: -bash: /usr/bin/find: Argument… Continue reading Counting

Students Out PR Professionals

As a Valdosta State University student, we nicknamed the student paper the Speculator. Incorrectly reading between the lines were their specialty. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes were part of their standard. But it was amusing to see them go after the administration. Not so much to be reported on when I made big mistakes. As… Continue reading Students Out PR Professionals

Universities and SIS “Innovation”

Several years ago, while I worked at a medium-sized university, there was a very similar incident like what happened in Student Is Sanctioned for Creating Class-Registration Web Site. A student wanted into a full class. So he built an application to routinely check for whether a seat was available in the Student Information System. The database… Continue reading Universities and SIS “Innovation”

Metaphors and Plot

Shortly after yesterday’s Spoilers post, I ran across this on Tumblr. In case the photo below disappears or gets blocked, it says: I’m more interested in the symbols and metaphors in a novel than the actual plot. Maybe this is why I am so bad at spoiling things. The events are not so important as… Continue reading Metaphors and Plot