Gracie Died

It has not been a very good six weeks for my mother. Her mother and one of her three cats died during this period. Way back in 1995, I had just moved from Mom’s house to Dad’s. Mom decided to get another cat. I guess Winnie needed company or something like that? William was still… Continue reading Gracie Died


I may have blogger’s block. Over the past three weeks I have deleted thirteen posts. I really want to blog about our new vendor, Desire2Learn. At the same time I do not want to be perceived as hurting the growing relationship we have with this company. None of the posts are about them. I just… Continue reading Deletions

One of Many

The Learning Management System (LMS) has been a despised technology by some ever since I started working with one, WebCT, in 1999. At the time it was deemed crappy technology that had to improve or die. So today in 2012, about 13 years later, I have to roll my eyes at the pundits writing about… Continue reading One of Many

TED Talk: You Fell Through the Cracks

There was a time when my secret project, the thing that brought me in to work ever day and probably why I stayed till 8pm, was attempting to end the error_log from have anyone ever hitting the 404 page. It was after making the 404 page funny. Only no one got the joke. If the below… Continue reading TED Talk: You Fell Through the Cracks

Interactive Archives

My jaw dropped at the end of this blog post Cloud Hosting and Academic Research. There is a value in keeping significant old systems around, even if they no longer have active user bases.  A cloud hosting model seems so right to me–it’s scalable and robust. It just makes sense. But the hosting costs are… Continue reading Interactive Archives

Weekly Round Up May 11, 2012

Pearson is making a play to be where states outsource educator licensing or certification. Availability, Ignorance, Committees, Comfort, Momentum, and Passivity are the Six Enemies of Greatness (and Happiness). I’m a fan of the book titled Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection. It describes social rejection as stimulated the same parts of the brain as physical pain.… Continue reading Weekly Round Up May 11, 2012

TED Talk: Equal Parts Science and Magic

The unity of science and religion is an important concept in the Baha’i Faith. They are two sides of the same coin. One side looks ahead with faith. One side looks backwards without faith. One is impatient while the other is deliberately slow. Where the two agree is the sweet spot of true knowledge. There… Continue reading TED Talk: Equal Parts Science and Magic