Are We Information Junkies?

Catherine who I follow on Twitter retweeted about agreeing with this blog post: Last night while sitting at a pub with some friends, the topic of information came up. My friend Tom, in particular, had a few interesting things to say about it. I asked him if he thought that constantly being tapped into the stream of information that… Continue reading Are We Information Junkies?

Weekly Roundup April 6, 2012

You Can Teach Problem Solving and You Should (PDF of a PPT) Any skill is teachable. “Working with bozos is not fun. People who cannot problem solve will behave like bozos.” The LMS: It’s Not All About You The core value proposition of the LMS is that it allows instructors with limited technical skills to create and manage… Continue reading Weekly Roundup April 6, 2012

Should CS Be Required?

Each of the nearly 2,000 freshmen entering Georgia Institute of Technology each year must take a computer science course regardless of their major, says Charles Isbell, associate dean for academic affairs at the school’s College of Computing… Similar to traditional general education requirements such as philosophy or world history, the purpose of each courses is to turn out… Continue reading Should CS Be Required?

TED Talk: Pursuit of the Perfect Spaghetti Sauce

This is an older TED Talk by Malcolm Gladwell just before his book Blink dropped. He tells the story about how the food industry figured out that there is not a single perfect product that meets everyone’s needs. Instead there are a number of different clusters that meets the majority of wants. We find this… Continue reading TED Talk: Pursuit of the Perfect Spaghetti Sauce