Month: March 2012

  • Resolution Progress 2012: First Quarter

    Today is the end of the third month, so where am I with those goals? Reading goals: Complete unfinished novel series. 7 of 24 done. That is 29%. I should be at 25%. So I am a little ahead. American History and Decision Making. 2 of 9 done. That is 22%. So a behind 25%. (A quarter […]

  • Georgians Lottery Suckers

    A CNN article on the $640 million lottery jackpot tonight revealed something interesting. According to data crunched by Bloomberg, Georgia residents are the biggest “suckers.” They spend an average of $471 per year on the lottery, or 1% of their average income, while receiving a payout of 63 cents on the dollar. Yeah, but I got some […]

  • IT Hierarchy of Needs

    Abraham Maslow proposed a theory in A Theory of Human Motivation, Psychological Review, motivation works to fulfill baser needs before addressing loftier needs. In a discussion the other day, I mentioned we have to have a rock solid infrastructure and stability of services to the point they are a utility and no users think about them causing […]

  • TED Talk: The power of vulnerability

    Brené Brown talks anput the fear of disconnection from the social fabric. To me this ties well with a book, Loneliness, where a big point is that social isolation hits the same areas of the brain as physical pain. In case the above video does not show, the try this link The power of vulnerability.

  • Facebook Passwords

    Facebook is a useful tool for gathering information about others. From the beginning, the advice has been to be careful that what is posted well represents us. Or… To limit who can see those things we might not want seen. Hiring managers also have a difficult situation. Is who you are looking to hire who […]

  • Weekly Roundup Mar 23, 2012

    Meet Saba, the Social Network That Rates Your Job Skills Convincing a boss that you are valuable to the organization is important to keep a job. Assessing an employee is doing a good job is also tricky when there are no easy metrics. For my performance appraisals I have to provide goals and be assessed […]

  • Trayvon

    At around 16-17 years old I did not have a car. So I rode my bike or walked anywhere I wanted to go. Store managers sometimes searched my backpack or my person only to find I had not in fact shoplifted anything. Loss control or security guards would follow me around the store. Neighborhood watch […]

  • TED: How simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries

    Adam Savage holds the position of my favorite story teller. Part of it might be that he speeds his rate of talking up to the edge of where I think he is about to stumble, but he does not. It lends to sensing his excitement. He talks about Feynman and Eratosthenes here. If the above video […]

  • Best Sellers

    Several friends mentioned reading the Hunger Games over the past few months. The movie opened last night. (No, I have little interest in either seeing the movie or reading the book. But then I was late to jump on the Harry Potter bandwagon plus have not yet jumped on the Twilght or Sookie Stackhouse bandwagons.) […]

  • Weekly Round Up Mar 16, 2012

    The Value in Wowing Your Customers – ‘What distinguishes Chick-fil-A and Rackspace is that both companies have created what might be called a “Golden Rule” culture. Employees treat customers as they would like to be treated if they were in the customers’ shoes.’ I do have to admit, companies who treat me personally well earn […]