Netflix Wired Better

When I initially setup my Wii to use wireless, I recall information about wireless being not as good as wired. I ignored it because really I did not plan to game online. Even with Netflix, I figured it ought to work fine because the wireless speeds on my laptop allow me to watch videos without issue.

Boy, was I wrong.

The interrupts were intermittent. Sometimes I could watch an hour without interruption. Other times, it could barely go five minutes. At first, I doubted the wireless was the cause because of the issue was not consistent and the WiFi analyzer in my phone . When I gave in to the wireless, I thought perhaps I could resolve it. I decided the line of sight between the router and Wii went through a wall part of the length, so I moved both devices to improve it. This reduced the frequency of the interruptions somewhat. Boosting the signal did not help much if at all. I still had two walls between the router and the Wii, so I decided one or none might be an improvement.

Unfortunately, only two Internet outlets are hot and none are in the room with the Wii. So I would need some Ethernet cables. I ended up getting 25 feet to move the router into living room and keep the modem in the office. A 30 foot cable to connect the router with the minitower in the office. (Already had 25 feet to go to the other minitower.) Finally a 100 foot cable from the living room to the Wii plus an Ethernet to USB adapter that plugs into the Wii.

In the 6 hours of watching I have done over this, I have not had a single interruption of a show.

Yeah, so it was me not Netflix. At least I am happier now. Now if they would offer everything in my DVD queue on streaming.

White Text on Yellow Background

Movie or television subtitles are fine. It preserves the voice of the speaker while allowing me to understand the content. However, how do people read white text on a yellow background? In this case, white text on a yellow shirt. Contrast is important for readability.

Or white on light blue.

Or white on white.

I would really like to understand the information your speakers wish to convey. If it were a drama where I could tell from tone and body language, then it would not be so annoying. This is a documentary so everyone has that explanatory tone.


One of those Facebook poll things had a list of American Film Institute top 100 movies. Fortunately for me, Netflix Watch Instantly has several of the ones I wanted to see.

Network was one of them. The scene where Beale, the news announcer breaks down in the rant, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore,” was like watching Fox News. The rambling conspiracy-theory laden monologue strongly reminded me of the shows I have seen with Glenn Beck. Later Beale does a monologue even more Beck-ish and passes out. Amazing!

It is clear to me Beck committed copyright infringement against this movie.

Cull and Surrender

This clip from an NPR article, The Sad Beautiful Fact That We’re Going To Miss Almost Everything, resonated strongly with me. I feel like there are too many books to read in order to read them all.

Now, everything gets dropped into our laps, and there are really only two responses if you want to feel like you’re well-read, or well-versed in music, or whatever the case may be: culling and surrender.

Culling is the choosing you do for yourself. It’s the sorting of what’s worth your time and what’s not worth your time. It’s saying, “I deem Keeping Up With The Kardashians a poor use of my time, and therefore, I choose not to watch it.” It’s saying, “I read the last Jonathan Franzen book and fell asleep six times, so I’m not going to read this one.”

Surrender, on the other hand, is the realization that you do not have time for everything that would be worth the time you invested in it if you had the time, and that this fact doesn’t have to threaten your sense that you are well-read. Surrender is the moment when you say, “I bet every single one of those 1,000 books I’m supposed to read before I die is very, very good, but I cannot read them all, and they will have to go on the list of things I didn’t get to.”

I use the resolutions to indicate what I deem worth my time. One year it was science, history, and policy kinds of books. I wanted to enrich my thinking. This year I figured my background in books most people have read was still lacking, so I picked a list. I get lots of comments from others saying they either have or want to read these books, so it was a decent list.

At times, I choose to cull my life by removing activities which I find unnecessary distractions. Too much social activity weighs down on me to the point I get edgy and snap at the people around me. It disappoints people for me to pull away, but this is what is good for me. I’ve seen people similarly cull their Facebook friends list to limit it to positive people. We should do what is necessary to protect our sanity and allow us to achieve our goals.

Also, I have surrendered on some books. I just get bogged down in not having enough interest. There are plenty of other, better books I could be reading. I try not to beat myself up about surrendering on a book.

Georgia Performance Standards has a million words a year goal. “Chapter books average 250 words per page.” 1,000,000 words / 250 words/page = 4,000 pages. Also, at 100 words per minute, that is about a 167 hour investment in either learning or developing empathy. That is the equivalent of a couple university lectures.


Bullfrog Mom started building a fish pond about a decade ago. It was her way of not thinking about work. (I just read.) Most of the fish are gone now. She is excited about the turtle who appeared a couple of weeks ago. While I was around we only found this frog and some tadpoles.

This frog was pretty content to let me get close. Though smartly he or she did not let me get within arm’s reach.


(I still hate this camera.)

Google Video EOL May 13, 2011

Google Video told me I have to move my videos before they delete them on May 13, 2011. They suggested Youtube (since Google owns Youtube). Instead of a button to move them all to Youtube with the titles, descriptions, and view counts intact, they gave me a link to my video status page where I can download my videos and start all over. I only used Google Video on the occasions where I had trouble with Youtube. So I only had eight videos to move. If I had 80, then I would be quite annoyed at having to download them all from Google Video, record all the titles and descriptions, and recreate all that on Youtube.

Anyway, here is a video I rescued. It is of dancers at the St. Philothea Greek Festival. A couple of friends were dancers. I am really disappointed with the quality. I should go look for the originals and repost those instead. Oh, of course there I have a Greek Festival Flickr photoset.