Rants, Raves, and Rhetoric v4

Month: January 2011

  • Lost Numbers

    Interesting case where four of the numbers on Lost (4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42) came up in a big prize. What is more interesting to me is that maybe over 9,000 played them. (I say maybe because people only seem to be referencing the number of $150 winners by LOST creator’s Twitter.) Let’s…

  • Apples to Oranges

    My web hosting service, Dreamhost, happens to have a one-click-installer for Moodle. So I installed one for my own personal sandbox. In looking at the available roles, it suddenly occurred to me…. Comparing any LMS to another is like comparing an apple to an orange. The industry is like the Tower of Babel. Each product…

  • Mom on tower beach

    Ezra S F posted a photo:

  • Sea oat

    Ezra S F posted a photo:

  • Wildlife Viewing Tower

    Ezra S F posted a photo: We go to St. Andrews beach every time we go to Jekyll. So we were surprised to find this addition.

  • From the tower

    Ezra S F posted a photo:

  • 2011 Resolutions

    My resolutions for 2010 involved a lot of reading, improving my cooking repertoire, improving my photography repertoire, and having fun in the present. In goal accounting for 2010, 2 were successful and 2 not. Except for the reading goal, the other three were well outside my comfort zone.  I forgot my statement for the resolutions in 2009.…