Download Facebook Content

Facebook offers a zip file of our content. The help information explains,

Having a copy of your information — whether that is on Facebook or any other service on the web — is an important part of controlling what you share.

In addition, downloading a copy of your information may come in handy if it only exists on Facebook. For example, you may have lost your mobile phone, which contained many photos you took using that phone. If you had uploaded those photos to Facebook, then downloading your information lets you get copies of them back on to your computer.

The process of getting the file is easy-ish. Just go to Accounts > Account Settings > Download Your Information “learn more” > Download button. Wait for the email with a link. Enter your password.

The zip file has an index.html file. This index page is just a redirect to the profile page. Links on the left navigation bar include Profile, Wall, Photos, Videos, Friends, Notes, Events, and Messages.

ANNOYING: It looks to me like the download misses content I posted on the walls of other users. Comments to wall posts were added in 2008, so prior to then, a common way to converse was posting on each other’s walls. If I only have those posted on my wall, then I only have half the conversation. Is the content I post on another person’s wall no longer “what I share” or “my information”?


The only books I have ever pre-ordered are the ones for A Song of Ice and Fire. The question came up about whether George R. R. Martin has the time to finish the books before the HBO television series catches up to him. In summary he estimates the television series will take multiple seasons for some books:

  • Book one: one season
  • Book two: one season
  • Book three: two seasons
  • Books four and five*: three seasons

Total: 7 seasons

* These are parts A and B of a single book. Events on each continent went into their own books. Book five is not even out yet. The last date given was Feb 15, 2007. In my opinion, it would be smart to have it published while the HBO series is out to renew interest, so let’s say it hits shelves April 2011.

Let’s assume it takes a year from start of one season to start of the next season. That means you get them…

  • Book one:  2011
  • Book two:  2012
  • Book three:  2013 and  2014
  • Books four and five:  2015,  2016,  2017
  • Book six:  2018 and  2019
  • Book seven:  2020 and  2021

I think this is what GRRM was trying to describe as he has plenty of time.

To make this timeline work, GRRM has 8 years to write two books. He has spent over ten years on books four and five. He’ll have to pick up the pace to make this timeline. Personally, I do not see it unless he stops spending so much time at conventions, watching football, and most recently consulting on the HBO series.

Maybe the seasons will take longer than a year? We saw that somewhat with Sopranos.

Maybe much of the story is already laid out in advance for some of the final books.

Maybe HBO will cancel the series after season one and make all this moot.

Closing In On an Earth-Sized Planet

Now Kepler has found the much-anticipated first rocky, Earth-sized exoplanet. It did it by staring for months on end at the same 150,000 stars in the constellation Cygnus. Kepler’s 1-meter-diameter telescope, hooked up to a sensitive light-measuring instrument, is capable of detecting the dimming of a star as a planet orbits in front of it—even if the star dims by only 0.01%. That’s like detecting the dimming of 10,000 light bulbs when one burns out, noted Kepler deputy science team leader Natalie Batalha of NASA’s Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California. (Source)

Maybe we need to find one sooner rather than later?

“As I look out the window, I see a very beautiful planet that seems very inviting and peaceful. Unfortunately, it is not…. These days, we are constantly reminded of the unspeakable acts of violence and damage we can inflict upon one another, not just with our actions, but also with our irresponsible words…. We’re better than this. We must do better.” Scott Kelly, Commander of the International Space Station and brother-in-law of of Gabrielle Gilfords

In Search of (No) Snow

Almost See the Loop I grew up south of the snow line. Maybe that was something my mother invented? Columbus, Macon, Augusta, usually known as the Piedmont Line, for us was the snow line. She watched the Weather Channel every day, so she would groan at all the near misses. She would contemplate driving north to catch it, but for some reason we never went. She was also the one checking outside every hour until 1am looking for flurries.

A selling point of moving to the snow side of the snow line was the prospect of actually getting to see snow.

So it surprises me when people on the snow side of the snow line complain about moving there from some place further north because it almost never snows in the south. Especially when in the past year we had a couple inches Feb 2010, a dusting in Mar 2010, a flurry in Dec 2010, and maybe an inch at Christmas. (I was not here for the Christmas one.) Since I have moved here we have had at least an inch of either snow or ice in 2007, 2009, 2010 x2, and now 2011.

Given all the snow we have had in the past twelve months, I would think the future prospects of us having more snow are pretty good for more in the next couple months. Normal snowfall periods for Athens is mid January to first week of March. By the way, average is supposed to be about 2.4 inches a year.