Alien Peace

Whether or not people in the United State illegally are allowed to receive higher education is a hot topic at the moment. So I was curious what was in Georgia statutes about it. However, I was distracted by this gem:

(b) Aliens who are subjects of governments at peace with the United States and this state, as long as their governments remain at peace with the United States and this state, shall be entitled to all the rights of citizens of other states who are temporarily in this state and shall have the privilege of purchasing, holding, and conveying real estate in this state. O.C.G.A. § 1-2-11

This sounds like during the Iraq War, from March 20, 2003 to May 22, 2003, any citizens of Iraq, a nation very much not at peace with the United States, would not have been legally able to possess real estate in Georgia? It reminds me of the Japanese interment during World War II.

Also, Google  sucks at searching on “1-2-11”. It ignores the dashes. Any advice?