Another Ironic Keynote

Earlier today, Blackboard announced the keynote will be given by Anya Kamenetz, author of DIY U as the DevCon keynote. It continues the tradition of ironic keynote speakers in even years: 2008 Michael Wesch who spoke on how the traditional one-to-many classroom model isn’t good for helping students learn. The two LMS products Blackboard makes… Continue reading Another Ironic Keynote


I wonder how many Americans became soccer fans after the upset tie with England? It seemed like the furor over the Slovenia tie became more conversational than I expected. After the amazing win over Algeria, even more people wanted to talk about the World Cup. Well, the loss to Ghana didn’t sustain the conversation. May Instant… Continue reading CORFing

Alien Peace

Whether or not people in the United State illegally are allowed to receive higher education is a hot topic at the moment. So I was curious what was in Georgia statutes about it. However, I was distracted by this gem: (b) Aliens who are subjects of governments at peace with the United States and this state,… Continue reading Alien Peace

Upgraded to WP3.0

The upgrade to WordPress 3.0 doesn’t appear to have broken anything? Good. It pointed out my Tarski theme was a point revision behind. That has also been upgraded. No apparent problems. No need to go mess with code. That makes me verrrry happy.

Support Nightmare

There was an interesting question the other day about a student claiming CE/Vista lost the draft a student wrote. The administrator, Michael Scalero, wanted to know how we “administrators recover or assist users in gaining access to the content that the students (or instructors) have saved”. Part of my response was, Besides, CE/Vista isn’t designed for administrators… Continue reading Support Nightmare

Identifiable Browsers

It’s like the Electronic Frontier Foundation is Captain Obvious? It says web-sites fingerprint browsers to identify the users. The website anonymously logged the configuration and version information from each participant’s operating system, browser, and browser plug-ins — information that websites routinely access each time you visit — and compared that information to a database of… Continue reading Identifiable Browsers

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Oracle 11g

The highest revision of Oracle database supported by Blackboard for CE/Vista is 10g. Wondering if other Bb clients have noticed Oracle 10g leaves Premier Support on July 31, 2010. The first year of Extended SUpport fees are waived, so July 31, 2011 we’ll have to start paying extra money to Oracle unless Blackboard starts supporting… Continue reading Oracle 11g