Too Much

One of the out of session discussions at the Georgia Baha’i School yesterday morning was on how bad online media are for us. (I’ve boiled down what was described to neurotransmitters.) Dopamine: Anticipation with each click will lead to a reward leads to addiction-like behaviors. Oxytocin: Lack of touch leads to feeling lonely. For those… Continue reading Too Much

Annoying HF1 Single Install Issue

Note we don’t usually run single installs. Previous work with clustered installs didn’t present this issue that I know. First run of Blackboard CE/Vista 8 Service Pack 3 Hoftfix 1 installer on a single install gave me: Installation error. Cannot install Java as target directory already exists – /path/to/node/jdk150_13 The installer hung because it went… Continue reading Annoying HF1 Single Install Issue

Walled Gardens

Another one of those old articles I started but didn’t finish / publish at the time. This was originally composed April 12th. Thinking about this article I read over the weekend, specifically this point. Closed and proprietary systems are not about learning they are about management. If we want to engage students in learning on… Continue reading Walled Gardens

Chat Connection Resets

Sorry, this was originally supposed to be published a few weeks ago. I’m just getting around to posting it. – Ezra Tests after applet patch in development reported chat failures. Chat uses an applet, so I was concerned and investigated the problem. The usual culprits were not affected. had WEBCT_CONFIG_OPTIONS set to start chat on… Continue reading Chat Connection Resets


So much to accomplish on my “days off”. Finished grocery shopping and posting meeting notes for one group. Have to figure out the agenda for another meeting later today. Feel like I need a vacation…


Back at the January Athens Strobist Meetup (Facebook, Flickr) photo shoot, the wind knocked over my umbrella light stand. The result was the foot of my flash adapter breaking. No big deal, just order another one, right? The February shoot didn’t involve me having my equipment, so I didn’t bother ordering a new one. March… Continue reading Adapters

Sorry for the Outage

My hosting service, Dreamhost, announced they would be upgrading every one off PHP4. Only people using old software would get bitten. I’ve kept my software current, so I wasn’t worried. Only this of all eight domains started showing an HTTP 500 error (Internal Server Error). I dreaded having to go through and determine why. Turns… Continue reading Sorry for the Outage

Frontline: College, Inc.

This piqued my interest because well… I work for public higher education running an online class system. There are twin subtle pressures to both compete and remain aloof depending on people’s assumptions about money and quality. I personally just hope we do whatever is necessary to provide the highest quality service for students. This was… Continue reading Frontline: College, Inc.