Month: April 2010

  • Arizona

    Arizon’s new immigration law was a brunch discussion topic. So I told this story about coming home from Arizona: A border guard stopped us on I-10 just east of El Paso, Texas back in 1993. Mom, my brother, and myself were in the car. Several days prior, the three of us and Dad all crossed the […]

  • Multiracial in the Census

    Honestly, I failed to think about what to put on the census form. There was no question I consider myself both black and white. So this article Black Or Biracial? Census Forces A Choice For Some about people in a similar situation to myself only identifying themselves as black was curious. The best quote: “Put […]

  • TED Talk: How to start a movement

    Interesting take on starting a movement. Leaders nurture the first followers like equals is what gets a movement to the tipping point. Notice the first follower is an underestimated form of leadership…. The first follower is what transforms a lone nut into a leader.

  • What is a hack?

    There is a a story about a nine year old gaining administrator access to his school’s system to change passwords and home work assignments. [Blackboard] disputes local reports that the installation of its technology at the school was hacked. “It was actually not a hack, unless you consider the fact that the 9-year-old took the […]

  • TED Talk: The Danger of Science Denial

  • In the end

    And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. Abraham Lincoln He passed on April 15, 1865 or 145 years ago. One of my top 10 favorite books is Lincoln’s Melancholy. Fantastic book on depression and how the historical record supports he might have had […]

  • TED Talk: Photos that changed the world

    Images can be powerful. It is one of the many reasons why I enjoy both looking at photography and taking my own photos. Looking through Getty Images news photos hadn’t occurred to me. Then again, I am not an editorial editor. My sources are more things like Flickr or the Boston Globe’s Big Picture.

  • Notepad++ load langs.xml failed

    Notepad++ is my Windows text editor. Work has a site license for UltraEdit. I bought a personal license for EditPlus back in 2002-ish. Notepad++ does what I need it to do without having to track down a license key. This week I started getting this error when it starts. Load langs.xml failed! Apparently this happens […]

  • Flowers Gone Wild

    Cora invited me to her Easter potluck party. I was curious what kind of flowers I’d find given her work involves flowers. The tulips were nice, but the patch of these in the backyard were much more interesting.

  • TED Talk: Every pollen grain has a story

    Given the local record pollen count level, I found this one interesting.