Research on gender and education suggests boys might compete to answer questions to show they are “better” than their peers in the room. You know like how they compete playing video games, athletics, etc. Geek boys strive to be the center of attention by having the rarest toys or knowing the… Continue reading Interesting

There’s An App For That

Woman 1: The first step is admitting you have a problem. Woman 2: Then we send you off to rehab. Woman 3: iPhone Rehab!

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Hanging out with some friends earlier, got me thinking about this. I forget the circumstances of the discussion to start this post germinating in my head. One of the tools people have for seeking a new job is their social networks and increasingly the online ones. LinkedIn seems to be the popular social network for… Continue reading Workbook

Are Phone Books Necessary?

The Georgia Public Service Commission might stop requiring AT&T to distribute paper phone books. The rationale seems to be so many people rely on the Internet and use cell phones the phone books are less useful. That only one percent of people inside the Atlanta perimeter asked for one definitely supports stopping the service. Phasing… Continue reading Are Phone Books Necessary?