Month: March 2010

  • Comment Phishing

    I noticed today comment spammers are getting craftier. Some of the comments I approved I now believe to be comment spam. Perhaps they are probing to later deliver the real deal? They use the name of people who legitimately commented. Because the scammer cannot see the real email commenter’s address, they use a different one […]

  • A Very Small Shell Script

    I ought to give this teeshirt to Amy as just this week she suggested this very thing to solve a personnel problem for the office. Maybe she has a birthday coming up?

  • Uselessness of Showing Up Early

    Came into work early. I was paged just as I was waking up, so I thought it would be easier to deal with the issue first thing from my desk as to deal with it then restart getting ready for going into the office. I didn’t plan on getting greeted with a message I’ve never […]

  • The Future of Publishing

    Yeah, I am definitely the latter consumer….

  • From Chalk To Bytes: The Digital Classroom

    My favorite quotes: “[Blackboard is] a one-stop shop where students can come and get absolutely any access to me, any access to the teaching assistants.” — Philip Wirtz “[Open source] classroom management systems [like Sakai and Moodle] are becoming increasingly popular because they allow schools to adapt the software to meet their needs.” “Even though […]

  • BEA-101017

    We run ten web sites running Vista 8.0.3 hf1 where the installs are 99% automated by internally developed scripts. In discussing removing some old monitoring, we discovered one of them has on average 20 times more of the BEA-101017 error than the others. So I went looking for what is causing so many of these […]

  • Impersonal

    Michelle remarked my blog posts over the years have become technical. I wanted to say “too technical”, but I don’t think she actually wrote that. Instead of writing about the personal aspects of my work I only write about the mechanics. Over the years I’ve read quite a bit about the trouble people get into […]

  • Illegal Characters

    Someone mentioned working on an issue where an instructor in Safari saw the error “Broken pipe” when uploading a PDF file to our CE/Vista 8.0.3 HF1 site. Of course, the issue couldn’t be replicated and light on the details. I asked for the details anyway to track down the failure intending to open a ticket with […]

  • Selected Quotes About Computers & Software – The Core Memory

    Ran across Selected Quotes About Computers & Software at a site called The Core Memory. I have the teeshirt for this first one. The rest are for inpiration. There are 10 types of people. Those that understand binary and those that do not. — Ray Roton Old programmers never die… They just decompile. — Peter […]

  • Ada Lovelace Day

    Today is Ada Lovelace Day to celebrate women in technology and science. I’ve read women need role models more than men. If true, then movements like this to promote those who are doing great work in fields like technology are good. First a little about Ada. Ada [Lovelace[ called herself  “an Analyst (& Metaphysician),” and the […]