Black Is the New Black

When it comes to fashion I’m not the brightest candle. After all, my “style” has been the same since 2000 and regularly ridiculed by those have some sense. So it took me a whole week in Haifa to realize about half of the young women in nice clothes wore head to toe black and quarter… Continue reading Black Is the New Black

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News Comments

Reading the comments on stories for the Athens Banner Herald, Atlanta Journal Constitution, or even the Chronicle of Higher Education very much disappoints me. For some reason I hope for suggested solution and messages of encouragement. Guess I ought to stop reading the comments sections. 🙁

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QuestionMark v CE/Vista

Two vendors. Both think the problem must be the other’s fault. Because you know… Their product is perfect. They never have design issues. Ever. So it must be someone else’s fault. Problem 1: Upon loading the zip package into the CE/Vista SCORM module, the end user saw: The SCORM package is not compliant with SCORM… Continue reading QuestionMark v CE/Vista


Perfect Fit Originally uploaded by Ezra S F One of the gems from the photos I took in Haifa. Having not taken my dSLR, I am rather pleased with the photos I managed to take on this trip with a little digital point-n-click. Guess that shows: 1) How beautiful were the surroundings, 2) Equipment only… Continue reading Haifa


Two weeks ago I met my mother at the airport to fly to Israel and make our way to Haifa, Israel to participate in the greatest bounty: Bahá’í pilgrimage. Before making the trip, my life had settled into a funk. Back in 2005, Lacey invited me to her wedding in Chicago at the Bahá’í House of Worship.… Continue reading Pilgrimage