Saturday I didn’t go anywhere. Sunday, a piece of paper fell out of the door. All my neighbors had what appeared to be the same paper in their doors. The point of the note is to be careful about letting people know you are away from home for Christmas.

In a college town like here, lots of people left as soon as finals were done. In many cases, this was before this note was distributed to doors. These notes seem the perfect way for identifying who has left town early. Almost anyone who read it would think it helpful advice. The person leaving them could check out places for whether they are good marks. A week or days later like today, any places who haven’t removed the piece of paper have left early for the holidays. So I am tempted to walk around and trash any remaining.

Or maybe I am overly paranoid?






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  1. Michelle Petit-Sumrall Avatar
    Michelle Petit-Sumrall

    DEFINITELY feel free to actually do something helpful for your neighbors and TRASH the remaining ones! You’re right, although the message probably was meant to be actually helpful, someone *else* (not associated with the distribution of said flyers) can identify the absentees simply by looking at who’s got flyers and who doesn’t. This is especially true if the flyers are on colored paper, making them more obviously part of a pattern.

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