Microsoft China blatantly copied Plurk. A similar message used to appear on web design forums at least monthly. People sought advice how to handle such situations. Plurk seems to be in the same state.

As a young startup, we’re stunned, shocked, and unsure what to do next and need your support and suggestions.

The recent, popular advice seems to have not changed over the decade with the exception of sending a DMCA take down notice. From OnWired:

  1. Contact the offending party.
  2. Contact the offending party’s hosting company.
  3. Issue a formal DMCA takedown notice.
  4. Get your attorney involved. (It would be interesting to go to a lawyer about a site in China.)

At least the word is out about not disabling the right click button! Watermarks really are the better solution for images. Points to any of you who remember how I helped Mojan with blocking images from being saved off her site.

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