Month: November 2009

  • Asterisks in the sky

    Happy (Con)trails Originally uploaded by Ezra S F Flickr member Zack Sheppard did me a huge favor yesterday picking this picture for a Flickr blog about Asterisks in the sky. So in one day this picture was exposed to 5,931 people. Several of those looked at the adjacent picture and others for a total of […]

  • Shortcut Annoyance

    A few weeks ago, we had a discussion with our clients about a rash of students submitting the wrong files for assignments. These files were all Windows shortcuts to the actual document. The instructors were unable to open the file. The students were unaware of the mistake. So confusion all around makes for unhappy situations. […]

  • Katie is All Smile

    Katie is All Smile, originally uploaded by Ezra S F. Yesterday was another Athens, GA Strobists meet. Like the previous meets, there was lots of talk about camera capabilities, radio trigger capabilities, working the camera within the flash synchronization speed, etc. I did stand in for some shots while we waited on actual models to […]

  • Resolution No.1 2009 Complete

    I recently completed my first resolution for the year 2009: Read 10,000 pages of science, economics, health, history, or policy books. Check the Reading page for the master list. Titles in bold are the ones I recommend. (They also are probably the ones I quote the most.) Loneliness: Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection […]

  • Nolan House Shed

    Nolan House Shed Originally uploaded by Ezra S F Was saving this for tomorrow. However, I noticed a photo of me taking this photo posted today. So I posted mine too. I enjoyed exploring this house and environs with Team Shipaway.

  • Like a Post-Apocalytic Movie

    Like a Post-Apocalytic Movie, originally uploaded by Ezra S F. Yesterday I met with some other Flickrites to check out the Bostwick Cotton Gin Festival. There were easily a couple thousand people there, which is impressive for a town of 354. (The photos I’ve posted so far at writing this post are just of Bostwick. […]

  • QotD: Your Choice of Beverage

    If you could only drink one beverage for the rest of your life (not including water), which one would you choose? As a born and bred Southerner, the only appropriate answer is sweet tea. I base the restaurants I visit regularly on the quality of their sweet tea. Read and post comments | Send to […]

  • Confused

    Confused, originally uploaded by Ezra F. Wikipedia on Abscission Read and post comments | Send to a friend

  • New Kids Under the Block

    New Kids Under the Block, originally uploaded by Ezra F. Amused my picture is close to first result for New Kids Under the Block at Google Images.