Students First

Yesterday Gina, a coworker, joined me for lunch. She asked about where GeorgiaVIEW‘s attention is focussed since we recently completed our upgrade to Blackboard Learning System Vista Enterprise 8. She pointed out students are the most affected by and most important constituent for any decisions we make. Yet the student point of view is almost… Continue reading Students First

Passing the Sniff Test

I found a discussion over brunch entertaining. Apparently women sniffed teeshirts worn 2 days by males. Women preferred the shirts belonging to genetically dissimilar men. These are the good men because they ensure better MHCs in offspring. Unfortunately, the women on oral contraceptives preferred genetically similar men. Yeah. The latter women would prefer their brother,… Continue reading Passing the Sniff Test

Watch Out For Sinkholes in Georgia

Back in 1994 a neighbor city, Albany, GA, experienced massive flooding. For a couple months after the waters receded, sinkholes opened up under houses and cars driving along roads in the formerly flooded areas. Waters filled underground caverns making them only stable with the water still in them. Without aboveground wanter coming down, these caverns… Continue reading Watch Out For Sinkholes in Georgia

Tracking Specific File Use

CE/Vista Reports and Tracking displays summaries of activity. If an instructor seeks to know who clicked on a specific file, then Reports and Tracking falls down on the job. Course Instructor can produce a report of the raw tracking data. However, access to the role falls under the Administration tab so people running the system… Continue reading Tracking Specific File Use

TED Talk: Web as random

In the first video, The Web as random acts of kindness, the characterization of the founding of the Internet here is a group of high school teenagers working in their garage to altruistically to benefit the world because that is what high functioning nerds do and the world behaves kindly on the Internet because of it.… Continue reading TED Talk: Web as random

Strobist Meetup

Back in July I mentioned Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk. A number of people from the Athens Flickr Meetups group showed for the August walk at the State Botanical Garden of Georgia (my photos). At both of these, the same individuals talked quite a bit about the newest toys Tim Rogan built and strobist techniques.… Continue reading Strobist Meetup

Geisha Renee

Geisha Renee Geisha Renee, originally uploaded by Ezra F. My favorite of the series. Renee was patient with me, which I appreciate given this was my first time playing with this setup. I was borrowing Megan’s flash, umbrella, and PocketWizard. Read and post comments | Send to a friend

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