Open Letter to Anyone Who Asks Me a Question

When I preface statements with something like “Used Google to look up <search term>”, it means:

The following is my interpretation of what you are asking. You should do your own research on the search term to better understand the issue. I’m telling you the search term I used to nudge you in what I think is the right direction.

Probably I spent < 10 minutes doing my research. So the quality isn’t of the highest standard. I’m not speaking with authority… Just trying to be helpful.

Update: I don’t generally mean it to be condescending… As in, you should have checked Google before asking anyone about it.





One response to “Open Letter to Anyone Who Asks Me a Question”

  1. Andy Fore Avatar

    Nice. Of course, while I don’t generally intend it to be condescending either, I do usually mean that the other person should have searched first and asked second.

    Of course, there are also the IM questions where my response is the URL of the Google search results using appropriate keywords from the question. 🙂

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