Flickr Uploadr Ordering Broke?

Dwarf Cornflower When sending more than five pictures to Flickr, many photographers want the last one or five sent to be their best one. The Contacts page can be set to show the last one or last five photos for each contact. Meaning, the last one should be the best one.

I thought I was crazy at first.

An explicit feature added in Flickr Uploader 3.0 was the ability to upload the pictures in any order. This helps ensure which photo is in that last spot. Despite putting my cornflower picture last, the photos were uploaded in reverse chronological order anyway. Did some testing. Sure enough, Flickr Uploadr 3.1.4, the most recent version was doing it wrong. So I uninstalled 3.1.4 and installed 3.0.5 and did some more testing. That version ordeded the upload correctly. Finally, I upgraded to 3.1.4 and testing showed 3.1.4 worked again.

Probably it was just my install was botched at some point…

Glad I don’t have to be crazy any longer.

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