Month: October 2008

  • Icky LiveJournal

    LiveJournal’s new logo says “UndeadJournal”. I am sure that is so they would not cause offense by calling themselves DeadJournal, a long-time competitor. Unfortunately, the domain redirects to Maybe that means undead is safe? Guess I could leave a comment and ask how JP feels? Naw.

  • Having the Life

    I really don’t like this question. If you could inhabit the body of any famous person for one week, who would you choose and why? The intent probably is more to have someone else’s life. However, the way the question is stated, I really would not get to have that person’s life… Just be in […]

  • Rock Eagle Debrief

    GeorgiaVIEW SMART (Section Migration Archive and Restore Tool) created for us by the Georgia Digital Innovation Group seemed well received. I’m glad. DIG worked tirelessly on it on an absurdly short schedule. Information is strewn about in too many places. There isn’t one place to go for information. Instead between Blackboard, VistaSWAT, and GeorgiaVIEW about […]

  • More IMS Import Headaches

    I got this error while trying to run an XML IMS import using the WebCT / Blackboard CE/Vista script… A unit of type Institution cannot have a unit of type Campus as a child. Guess being on vacation last week spaced my neurons. Normally, I ignore Blackboard errors as meaningless. This time I listened […]

  • Home Again

    Had a great visit with family over the past week. I really do love my family. I ought to visit more often. After all, the point of not moving too far away was to make it EASIER to visit. Maybe I do live too far away? The extended family is all over the world and […]

  • User Interface Resigns

    Why did you do it, Flickr? Why? Originally uploaded by issuez Changes to the Flickr home page and Facebook’s overall UI were intended to make them more streamlined. So why is there a vocal rejection of these UI changes? Well, management is focused on attracting new users. In their minds, the people using the system […]

  • Checking me out

    Checking me out Originally uploaded by Ezra F By this point she realized I wasn’t going to eat her. So she wasn’t trying to scurry away from the lens. Maybe I’ll name her “Liz”. tag: photography

  • Checking me out

    By this point she realized I wasn’t going to eat her. So she wasn’t trying to scurry away from the lens. Maybe I’ll name her “Liz”.

  • Fondest Dream

  • Digital Legacy

    A book on time management in talking about long-term goal planning suggests we define the legacy we wish to leave. Coming from academia, I typically think of a legacy as a name on a building, an applicant with an alum for a parent, or a scholarship. However, the artifacts left behind by previous cultures are […]