Day: September 21, 2008

  • Asking the Impossible

    Ahhh, Rands keeps letting the secrets out of the bag. I don’t know how many impossible requests you get, but I do know that frequent impossible requests result in an erosion of respect and a decaying of credibility. And that means when the CEO is standing up in front of the troops asking them to […]

  • Stairwell in parking deck

  • Night Fairy

    Took this tonight. I like the result. No tripod. Just steadied on a knot on the tree and relying on the image stabilization gyros.

  • Details Matter

    During the UGA vs. Arizona State game, a number of us who post on pictures of Athens, GA on Flickr met to hang out and shoot. With just seven of us there, we were able to stay as one group and get shots of stuff and each other. I enjoyed meeting new peoole with similar […]